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  • Are you First Aid and CPR Certified? Do you want to be?

    There is no price that can be placed on the skills that can save a life. If you want to learn the skills for free follow the link below for a free course in CPR, FirstAid and AED training. Need or want a certification, it is only $16 if you use this link and the coupon code save15. A great resource for parents, siblings, and baby sitters. It has been found that children as young as 9 years old can learn and perform the skills needed for CPR, it is never to soon to learn to save a life. Who knows you child might even save your life. Want to learn more about our martial arts programs visit us online at ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - ASKC Instructors get recognized as Kindest Kansas Citians

    ASKC Instructors get recognized as Kindest Kansas Citians

    We are proud to announce that recently two instructors at American Sport Karate Centers have been nominated by their students as this years Kindest Kansas Citians. Both Ms. Kim and Miss Ia were recognized for their efforts to show kindness in the community. This award truly demonstrates the power of how having a community in the martial arts world can make a difference in lives everyday. To be recognized as a Kindest Kansas Citian elementary students were asked to choose an adult that has made a positive impact on both their lives and others. They could choose a coach, teacher, family friend, etc. for this honor. The student then had to write a paper or draw a picture showing an act of ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Summer Karate in Shawnee Kansas

    Summer Karate in Shawnee Kansas

    Don't Let your kids be bored this summer, keep them busy! Karate is a great activity to engage your mind and your body. Learn about the history and art at American Sport Karate Centers. Martial arts helps with focus, self-discipline and improves confidence. Take the summer to learn and advance! Join us for Summer camp at ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Tired of your kids lounging on the couch?

    Tired of your kids lounging on the couch?

    In today's society kids spend more time indoors and being inactive than ever before. According to the CDC Long-Term Consequences of Physical Inactivity include:
    Overweight and obesity , which are influenced by physical inactivity and poor diet, can increase one’s risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, arthritis, and poor health status.
    Physical inactivity increases one’s risk for dying prematurely, dying of heart disease, and developing diabetes, colon cancer, and high blood pressure. Don't know what to do? We are here and ready to help! Keep your kids active and engaged all year long. Based on your needs click on the following ....

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  • Keep your kids physically active this summer!

    Keep your kids active and busy this summer. Join us at and sign-up for a fun-filled summer of activities. In addition to daily karate classes, character development sessions, and daily outings and field trips your kids will come home begging to sign-up for next summer now. ....

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  • Share a compliment for National Compliment Day!

    Today is National Compliment Day! Give a random person a compliment today, you might make their day. It is nice to get a compliment, but it is even nicer to give them. Make sure you recognize those around you for what they do. A special thank you to all of the amazing teachers and students at American Sport Karate Centers. ....

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  • Shawnee Karate Weekly Focus

    We will be working on self-defense this week in class. Brown, Red and Black Belts remember that we will be having late class on Monday and Wednesday! Come to class ready to learn, be better today than you were Yesterday. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Start the New Year Off with a Kick!

    Start the New Year Off with a Kick!

    Have you set your new year resolution? Did it involve getting more active, losing weight, or spending more family time together? While I will let you in on a little secret, if you try to go all out here in the next month by the middle of February you will likely be back to your old habits. You need something fun that doesn't take up to much time or feel like to big of a task in order to stick with it. Martial Arts is perfect for this, join us for 1.5 hours a week or less and you can be more active, lose weight, spend more time together as a family and more. Sure we all want our kids to be active and involved in physical activity or sports, but wouldn't it be better if we got involved with ....

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  • Help Shawnee Kids with ADD and ADHD!

    "Blah, blah, blah..." Children with ADD and ADHD hear this all day long. They simply can't focus their minds, and so when people talk to them... ... like their teachers and parents... It all mixes together and they don't hear a word of it. If your child has attention and focus problems - you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. Well, here's the good news... There is an excellent program out there that helps kids just like this sharpen their minds. They learn how to focus, pay attention, and follow directions. AND they have a TON of fun in this program. What is it? American Sport Karate Centers kids martial arts program! Every single day we help ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - How is your relationship with your teenager?

    How is your relationship with your teenager?

    Martial Arts is not just for the young. Parents are you struggling to find away to connect with your teen or pre-teen children? If your teens are like most the answer is YES! Get engaged with your kids in a positive way that is not the two of you fighting or them trying to avoid you. Taking martial arts classes is so much more than learning how to punch and kick, you learn to help others. We have engaging lessons and activities, best of all it is time together with your teen and a common thing to then talk about at home or in the car. The more you talk with your teens about the little things in life, the more likely they are to come to you to talk when they are unsure about what to do in a ....

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  • Join your kids at local Shawnee martial arts school.

    Every mammal plays. Lions... Tigers... Monkeys... Elephants... People... It's when we play that we let go of all those ideas of who we "should" be... all that pressure... and just be who we really are. And in my experience, there's nothing more profound in life than experiencing who you really are. But, do your kids know who you really are? So goof off with your kids! They're the best people in the world to goof off with ;-) In fact, we devote time in every class to just letting go and goofing off. You can't be serious 100% of the time ;-) Want more info on our martial arts classes where you can get "goofy" with your kids ? CLICK HERE ....

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  • New Shawnee Martial Arts Students teach Instructors

    "A person soon learns how little he knows when a child begins to ask questions." - Richard L. Evans Pretty funny, right? :-) I experience this just about EVERY day in our kids martial arts classes. I have found over the years that our new students or white belts teach me more than my black belts do. You may wonder how that could be, but it is by asking all of those questions. I f you want a new perspective on something that you have been doing for a long time, just go find a child. Be careful however children can be brutally honest! I still leave some night with just one question: How do they come up with all those questions! I may never know ....

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  • Shawnee martial arts school helps combat bullying!

    Bullying peaks at 3rd grade and then again in high school according to this study. This was for all children although this study highlights the higher rate that children with special needs are bullied at as well. Martial arts teaches positive social skills, provides a positive peer group, and helps improve self-esteem and confidence. All factors that help deal with or better yet prevent bullying. Does your child have the skills to combat a bully without being physically aggressive? If not here is a secret tool you can give them...get enrolled today! # ASKC American Sport Karate Centers Bullying rates remain higher for children with disabilities, even ....

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  • Helping Veterans!

    Being a military parent or the one left at home while your spouse is deployed adds stress to everyone in the home. Don't let the stress damage your relationship with your children. Martial arts is a great outlet for the kids to get rid of some of that energy and parents this is an activity that you can do together. You need some time you spend together that is positive for both you and your children. Take out 30 minutes twice a week and come watch your relationship grow! Your kids need you and you need your kids! Do it for each other. Click above on Online Promotions today! ....

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  • Shawnee Martial Arts Terminology Study Guide

    Here is a little help for everyone that is trying to study for their 3rd stripe. This Quizlet was made by Ms. Emma, so if you use be sure to tell her thank you. This quizlet is based on the red belt study guide, so anyone studying for Purple, brown, or red belt this would be a good resource. Black belts this is also a good review, but I would not use this as your only thing for your exam. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - How Martial Arts can help heal our Heros

    How Martial Arts can help heal our Heros

    At American Sport Karate Centers we are proud to say that we are here to help our veterans heal themselves and their bond with their family. Only other veterans truly understand the difficulty that can come with returning from a combat zone, or even just a long deployment. Here are just a few of the things that we, at ASKC, have done to make our school more friendly to you, our veterans. 1. You will not find any metal chairs for people to sit in, which means no loud and sudden crash coming unexpectedly. 2. All of our instructors have received some level of training in understanding some of the challenges that you may be facing. 3. Our classrooms line up so that you do not have your ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Don't be your kids best friend, be their parent!

    Don't be your kids best friend, be their parent!

    Parenting is hard! There are a lot of times when it is much easier to tell your kids what they want to hear, not what they need to hear. Your kids need someone that is strong to show them leadership and guidance. Yes, that does mean that you will be seen as the bad guy a lot of the time. But, being the bad guy is not such a bad thing. Especially, when deep down you know that it is for the best. It can be hard to take things away or limit what they get to do, but limits and being held to high standards makes strong self-reliant adults. Just remember the next time you are being told that you are the worst parent ever! That it is okay to have that title for now, because you are helping ....

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  • Shawnee Parents Are your Kids a Superhero?

    This is a great article to ready about how to help someone who is being bullied. Give your kids the skills, confidence, and self-esteem to NOT be a bystander and to step up and be a SUPERHERO for someone they know. MMA fighter urges student to be superheroes to stop bullying via @poststar ....

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  • Halloween Pictures

    This Halloween make sure you get a photo of your kiddo in what they are wearing under their costume as well as in their costume. No one wants to think about the worst, but in the case that your child is kidnapped or lost having both photos available to provide police will help assist in being able to find them. Make sure your child knows their phone number and address if possible. For the young ones, think about writing your phone number on their arm, or putting it on their trick or treat bag. If they get lost this will make the reunion happen much quicker so that it is less traumatic for everyone involved. 1. Before and after photos 2. Phone number memorized or available Just a few ....

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  • Heinan Shodan

    Follow the link below to watch Ms. Ia run Heinan Shodan. This is the form that Yellow Belts learn to test for their Orange Belt. Heinan - translates to peaceful mind Shodan - translates to 1st degree Black Belt ....

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  • Safety Tips for Trick or Treating

    Here are a few tips to help your kids enjoy trick or treating: 1. Always go and STAY in a group, but also have a buddy within the group. 2. Know your safety word or phrase. In our martial arts classes we teach children if someone is trying to get them to go with them that they are not supposed to go with to YELL "THIS IS NOT MY PARENT" 3. Have plenty of Adults (This can be based on the age of the kids to determine how many you need) 4. Only go to houses that you know and have their porch light on 5. Go through everything you child got when they get home. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Tired of fighting with the kids to get them out of the house?

    Tired of fighting with the kids to get them out of the house?

    Here is a simple trick you can use to get your kids to actually WANT to leave the house. This is especially neat for getting them to go to those places that they really don't want to... You know, like on errands and appointments and things like that. Here it is... The next time you want to get your kid to go somewhere (without a hassle or a fight)... Ask them to do something they don't like first. So ask them to clean up the yard, or clean their room, etc., etc., etc. Then - ask them if they're ready to "take a break" and go to wherever you need to go that day. Your kid will be thrilled to stop doing the boring task at hand, and do something new and ....

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  • The Buddy System

    As Halloween nears everyone starts thinking about safety while going trick-or-treating. The truth is we should be paying more attention to these things year round. The buddy system is still good and improves your child's safety over being alone, but guidelines and other safety measures need to be in place as well. Depending on the age of your child they want to be independent and need this skill as they get older. Set good safety guidelines for them and you can feel safe knowing that they are building life skills while out with friends. A few things to think about:
    How long/far should they be allowed to go before checking in?
    How many others should they be with, and what are the rules ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Do you Know the Best Bully Defense?

    Do you Know the Best Bully Defense?

    It's your friendly neighborhood martial arts instructor here, from American Sport Karate Centers. As you can imagine, our school deals a LOT with bullies. You could say we're experts on the subject ;-) Experts at teaching kids how to deal with bullies that is! Well, this is the biggest bully deterrent out there. Hint: It's NOT knowing how to punch or kick really hard. No, it's something that's a bit harder to teach: confidence. Bullies prey on the weak. They can sense lack-of-confidence like a hawk can spot a wounded animal. And then they pounce. But they back away from confidence. Why? Well, they're scared themselves. Fear is all they know. Pride? ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - What is the difference between Karate and Tae Kwon Do?

    What is the difference between Karate and Tae Kwon Do?

    Martial arts is the general term for any style, however many people use the word Karate to generalize styles of martial arts. There are many different styles of martial arts, Tae Kwon Do and Karate are only two of them. Karate and Tae Kwon Do have a lot in common making them styles that work well together. Both are hard styles that emphasis power within your technique. There are some stereotypes that go along with the different styles. Tae Kwon Do is known for it's high kicks and stances while Karate is known more for deep stances and strong punching techniques. What you might not realize is that if you go to a Karate school you will see them practicing kicking high also, just like at a ....

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  • 5 Tips for parents to help prevent Bullying!

    Parents read this article to find out more than you can do to help your kids fight bullying! It is anti-bullying month, visit and let us give your kids the confidence to stand up against the bullies in their school! ....

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  • October is Anti-Bullying month!

    Martial arts teaches kids the confidence and strength to be able to stand up for themselves and others. Give your child the skills to be the champion that stops the bullying. visit to sign up today. Break the cycle of bullying Bullying is not just a part of life that stops in the schoolyard; it can have consequences that stretch into adulthood and impact people for the rest of their lives. AF.MIL ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Go Pink for Breast Cancer

    Go Pink for Breast Cancer

    You can now sign-up for a stripe testing or private lesson online. Go to and visit the member login. Then select shop online. Buy your pink belt for cancer, sign-up for a stripe test, or buy private lessons. Lessons and Stripe testing are available today from 9:30-2 pm. You must sign-up online. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Shawnee - American Sport Karate Centers - Breast Cancer Awareness!

    Breast Cancer Awareness!

    Help us help others! For the month of October you can show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness by wearing a pink belt to every class. 25% of all proceeds will be donated to charity
    , so be sure to login in to the member website and order your PINK belt today! Support your friends, family, and community by helping us at American Sport Karate Centers show our support. ....

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  • Welcome back from Labor Day!

    It was a long weekend and it is time to get back to training strong. This week's focus in class will be floor drills. If you have an ASKC t-shirt, don't forget that you can wear it to classes this week. Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! ....

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  • Check out our new website for American Sport Karate!

    Proudly Serving The Shawnee, Lenexa And Olathe Areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Programs, Adult Programs, and SO MUCH MORE!
    Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to Like Us On Facebook ! ....

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